creating content for women of color.




Hey hey! It’s Diamonde here, a creative producer developing and producing honest, comedic and relatable content for brands, entrepreneurs, women of color and the companies that target them. By documenting real stories, facilitating authentic conversations, and providing a platform for women to tell their truths I empower my clients and my audience to live a life they really want.


For Brands

From conceptual development to video production, we’re making magic.

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For Content Creators

In order for more people to engage in our art, we need strategy, a plan and a brand.

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For Women of Color

My talk show, The World is Ours, is my platform to talk to millennial entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives about the spirituality, cultural concepts & more.

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The Business of Content Creation

I’m hosting a four-part workshop series intentionally designed to teach creatives, filmmakers, entrepreneurs + intrapreneurs the business of creating content.


When women of color feel connected to a message, they invest. When they feel seen, they consume.


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Providing Platforms for Women

There’s a lot we can take away from hearing someone’s story. There’s also a lot of freedom that comes from sharing our truths.