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SCREENING: The World is Ours Screening

I've started and stopped my show so many times but one thing has always been consistent: my desire to support and empower women of color to live out their truth and my desire to share their stories. Man, I love a good story. 

The World Is Ours is a talk show where I talk to millennial entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives about the spiritual and cultural concepts, beliefs and habits that inspire their creativity and inform the work they do in their business and life. We’re talking about personal growth, current events, entrepreneurship and more.

All in all, we're talking about REAL STUFF. There's enough of the super fluffy stuff. I want to talk about the real challenges, the real hero's journey, the real REAL. 

And during this screening, you'll get to see a preview. You'll get to tell me what you think and you'll get to hear a road map of what's to come. 

Screening starts promptly at 6:45p. 

*hors d'oeuvres will be served.