For Brands

Black and Latina women are streaming 137% more video content than any other demographic yet many companies who target this demographic are, either missing the mark, or not creating engaging video content at all. I can help you from conceptual development to video production create authentic content for women of color.

They trust us.

They trust us.


As a producer, I specialize in developing, producing and managing video, web content, commercials and creative media services for tv networks, over-the-top platforms, agencies, brands, artists, corporations and businesses of all sizes around the country. One thing you must know - when I’m strategizing around video, I always consider branding, social media, and digital distribution.

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Whether you have an idea for video or commercial concept or need assistant developing a concept, I take care of you. During this session: we’ll discuss your goals, audience desires and brand ideas and walk away with a concept that resonates. Because in order of a concept to resonate, it must connect to your audience’s feelings or experience.


Creative fuses audience insights and transformational thinking to determine how your brand relates and differentiates to the audience it intends to connect to. We’ll walk through the following: brand analysis and content ideation to develop messaging remedies so you’ll walk right out of our session with a creative strategy.