7 Things To Remember When You Feel Misunderstood or Overly Criticized

This post is from 2017.


1. With every level of elevation, you will fight the devil more than you ever have. KEEP FIGHTING.

2. Because of #1, you have to keep the tightest circle of supporters who believe in you at every stage of your development.

3. Criticism by critics without a solution to share - should be ignored or used as fuel.

4. An assistant to pre-screen calls with new people is important. Everyone will not deserve your listening ear.

5. Because of #4, spend time with those that love what you're doing. With the world we live in, it's okay to surround yourself with those that validate your work.

6. Unfollowing people is healthy and necessary.

7. Get so close to God that you become one.

To my creatives, if no one has told you lately, I have to say: I believe in you. At every level, if you are trying, I believe in you. TRYING is better than not, so please, give yourself some credit. It will never be easy for the unprivileged. So know, you are not alone, someone believes in you, and you will make it as long as you keep fighting.

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