Be Aggressive

This post is from 2016.

When I started to think about the fact that October is next month, I had like a slight moment of panic. And not really panic. That’s a bit dramatic. I thought, “OMG, how am I going to turn up on the rest of the year.” Not turn up as in go to the club, but turn up my brand, my career, my connections. 

I’ve been listening to a ton more podcasts about business than I usually do and they’ve really lit a fire under me. My fave podcasts are Mattieologie, My Taught You, Millionaire Mindcast, The Daily Hope with Rick Warren and Tony Robbins. I’ve listened to podcasts about the importance of Snapchat for business, quitting your 9-to-5, making millions through marketing, I mean, a real fire under me. Although I’ve always asked myself things like, “How can I make this happen in a different way?” and “How can I make this happen quicker?” The answer has never been aggression, until now.

Aggressive is defined as, “pursuing one’s aims or interests forcefully.” Because I want to live a life co-created by myself and God, and I want it BAD, I’m going to pursue the desire forcefully. I’m going to pursue the desire aggressively. I want it that bad. And the time is now. With the fourth quarter kicking off in a few weeks, now’s the time to look back at how we’ve progressed throughout the year. Have you just skated along? Are you proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish? Honestly, whether you are proud or you aren’t, it’s time to get aggressive about realizing personal and professional goals

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? If you want it bad, get aggressive. Do more than you did yesterday. Do more than you did last month. Reach out to more people than you did last week. Each week, dive deeper and do more. Do different. Just do something better, faster or more efficient than you did last week. And make your theme this month, aggressive, and watch how your results reflect. 


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