Do This to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up

This post is from 2016.

Being a freelancer while trying to start your own business is tough. I mean, I know there a lot of “tough things” in the world but those two combined send me to the corner crying at least once a week. At least! Now, I’m doing reaaaaally good if I go a full week without the tears. 

Before I get to the reason you’re reading this piece, I have to share a short anecdote. (Honestly, each post I submit is likely to include an anecdote at this point. Just a heads up. I love them!)

“Am I really making progress?” “My schedule is full with things I think are progressing Blossom, but are they really?”

I started to feel extremely doubtful - literally questioning every move I was making, every meeting I was having, every call I jumped on. I felt lost. 

But let me tell you about God: He shows up, on time, every time. And because of that, he sent me a few articles, videos clips and people to remind me that I’m on the right track. I had a friend tell me, (after I broke down at our lunch), that I should spend more time just doing things that I enjoy so I’m not always focused on work work work. (I’ve already started to implement this - can you say Hulu & chill?)

One of my favorite reminders this weekend was a video by a YouTube fave, Marie Forleo. Marie’s mission for Marie TV is to help people create businesses and lives they love through her video content. I’m a HUGE FAN and this particular video was called, “How To Stay Motivated - Especially When Hard Work Isn’t Paying Off”. 

When I say this video was ON TIME.

The main message: In order to stay motivated when you feel like your hard work isn’t paying off, focus on the process and not the goal. 

There it is: Focus on the process and not the goal.

One more time: Focus on the process and not the goal.

Instead of focusing how many people we want to sign up for our class, how much weight we want to lose, how much money we want to make, let’s instead focus on the process and the journey to get there. Let’s put passion into the process. Let’s integrate passion into our steps. 

Let’s enjoy every moment on the way to our goal. Although you may not feel like you’re progressing, and this is a reminder to myself as well, remember this: progress is progress no matter how small. 

You’ll “arrive” before you know it.

Just enjoy the journey.

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