Mainstream Media Actively Declines This For Women of Color

Realistic Representation. And it's sad.

I remember googlng stock images of Latina women before we had our own photo shoot. 

You can only guess what type of images that populated. Pages and pages and pages. Go ahead and google yourself to see. 

Women of color stream content more than any other demographic yet there isn't a platform that represents them in their entireties. We are more than the monolithic stories seen on major networks and in mass media. We are entrepreneurs. We are creatives. We are chefs. We are spirituals. We laugh. We cry. We collaborate. And ultimately, like any other human being, we just want to be seen. Blossom is the place where women of color can feel seen and at home. 

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Black and Latina women are more than curves and "eye candy" and it's as if the mainstream media refuses to showcase that. It's like they think it's what the people want to see. 

When you see the hashtag "faces of blossom" you'll see realistic representations of women of color - of the women we serve. 

.. of the women this platform is for. 

This quarter, we're talking body positivity, self-care, what it means to be creative and more. And we're onboarding more women like you or the women you know to help us do it. 

This month, be on the lookout for:

  • new episodes of our resident activist, "Elle of Two Cities"
  • reminders of God's grace on "The Keys To Miracles"
  • a brand brand braaaand new experience
  • more realistic representations of women of color. 

We've launched a new membership so we can continue to elevate the experience for our members - for the women looking for spaces online that they can call home. A space for realistic representation where our audience can be entertained and educated. Click here to contribute to our mission.

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