The First Thing I've Started Doing When I Feel Overwhelmed

This post is from 2016.

I used to be one of those that worried about every little thing. I know for a fact I got on my mother’s nerves with all my worrying. 

But something changed when I went to college. Not as soon as I got there but after a few years of living out on my own. See, I always prayed. I think, at some point in my life, prayer was more of a habit than an intention. As I got older, I realized the true power of prayer, thus I worried less. However, it was when I started to take action, in combination with saying my prayers, that I really started to feel a transformation.

It’s usually my to-do list that overwhelms me the most so when I started to focus on knocking out each task one by one vs. worrying about the list in its entirety, I could literally feel my anxiety float away. 

I also used to be one of those who let the overwhelm from how much I had to do - keep me from actually getting my work done. Being overwhelmed, kept me stuck. The thought of how much I needed to do kept me from doing anything. 

But when I learned my purpose was greater than me - I decided I would always always always find a way push through feeling overwhelmed. 

No matter what was on my to-do list, I would get it done. 

Slowly. But surely.

I would just map out what it takes to complete each task and then..

Take action, so I can knock. it. out. Slowly taking things off my to-do list really helped me worry less and focus more on what I should be actually be doing. That’s my one thing.

It’s like this:

Feeling Overwhelm + Taking Action = Relief

When you start to feel overwhelmed, try it. Take one step, and then another step and then another step. Break that to-do list into smaller to-do lists. The more steps you take the less you worry, the more relieved you'll feel. Try it.

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