The Intention That Drives Us at Blossom

This past Friday, January 26th, we hosted our Blossom Digital NewFronts with an intention of celebrating our first year in business and showcasing the content we have coming to our platform this spring. And based on the feedback, we have a BIG year ahead of us! 

So we're hoping you'll join us on the journey. We have five new series coming to Blossom in the next two months and we premiered sneak peaks of them at the event. From web series to docu-series to talk shows, our content runs the gamut, with one thing that unites them all: serving women of color. And not just serving them, but reflecting them and empowering them. 

When watching the new content with our attendees, we laughed, we affirmed our greatness (because we have a show on the way that discusses miracles) and celebrated our first year because at Blossom, and through Blossom, we are proving that women of color are not a monolith. 

You don't have to be a celebrity with 1.2 million followers or an "influencer" with a "k" in their follower count to ensure your voice is heard. If you're passionate with a mission and dedicated to working towards it, we want to give you a platform. 


Because we care. We've all worked in spaces where our voices were ignored simply because we were Black women. We've worked in spaces where we've worked really hard towards a project or event, just to be left out of the celebration and acknowledgements. We've dedicated years of our lives to working for people who look at us as labor and not as opportunities for growth. The opposite happens over here at Blossom. 


Our first year was tough. A lot of criticisms, a lot of doubt from others, a lot of uncertainty. But it was our purpose that continued to drive us. It was our desire to create a global platform where women of color around the world could see themselves in their reality, that kept us going. It was our hope for a world where women of color were first, that kept us motivated. And it was our dream of seeing this dream realized that moved us to keep working when we were tired. 

So we're excited about 2018. We know how to make this thing happen and we are so dedicated to seeing it through. And with your help, support and membership, we can get their faster. 

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We appreciate you, love you, support you and want to see you shine. Join us on the journey because the more people that join us, the more women we can reach. 

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