The One Thing You Should Know if You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

This post is from 2016.

I became an entrepreneur simply because there were things I wanted to do. And I didn’t want to wait to do them. 

My name is Diamonde (pronounced dime-end like the jewel) and I’m the Founder of Blossom, a digital streaming service specifically created for multicultural women. This is probably my fifth venture but everything I’ve ever done has made Blossom my best work. And I’ve loved watching it bloom.

I created Blossom with the intention of developing and producing short films and other content that makes you feel-good. Feel validated. Not because I wanted to immediately earn a million dollars (which, of course, I am believing for sooner than later) or because I wanted to be my own boss. Which, honestly, is the number one thing people should know if they want to be an entrepreneur. 

You are not your own boss.

Since starting my first venture a few years ago, I realized that I have many bosses. I haven’t ever been my own boss. Now, I do have more control of my day and how utilize my time. Yes, those are beautiful benefits. But, I am not my own boss. None of us are. 

All in all, if the goal of being an entrepreneur is to be your own boss, I strongly encourage you to reevaluate your intentions. Either way, there’s still a million reasons why being an entrepreneur is worth the try and effort. I’ve just heard TOO many times, especially from Generation Z, that they want to be an entrepreneur so they can be their own boss. Not happening. 

But please, share this with someone who may need it. I just want everyone to be an entrepreneur for reasons that will support healthy business growth.

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