The Screenwriter Dedicated to Elevating the Stories of Women and Minorities

I remember first meeting Nakia a few years ago at one of her screenings (I talk about it in my show) and I was so blown away! 

Imagine: This young, Black girl, 22 or 23 packing out the Plaza Theatre on Ponce to premiere her first short film. That’s like 300+ seats!

I was new to the indie film world so with this as one of my first experiences, I knew I wanted to get involved in some way. 

I also knew that staying in touch with Nakia was a must. Shortly after her short film premiere, we had a conference call. She had SO much going on - from filming a web series to writing her next short film. She’s been my girl ever since. 

Nakia’s mission at Damn Write Originals has always been to elevate the stories of women and minorities. ALWAYS. And her mission shines all through her work. Screenwriting is her form of activism and you can hear it her story. Which is why, when thinking about who I wanted to have on my talk show, I knew Nakia had to be one of the first guests. 

I admire her. I love her like a sister and I call her when in doubt and when in joy. 

I’m thankful for our sisterhood and can’t wait for you to meet her on my talk show. 

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