Why do we wait for things to be perfect?

This post is from 2016.

This concept used to paralyze me. 

I used to want things to be “perfect” not knowing what that even looked like.

I used to be hard on myself about every mistake I made.

Big or small, I used to send myself into the pit of doubt if I made a single mistake.

I got tired of that. 

I just wanted to execute. I learned that the pursuit of perfectionism can lead to execution paralysis. Because we want whatever it is we’re working on to be “perfect”, we wait paralyzing periods of time just to never put it out. 

Grant Cardone frames the idea like this:

“The perception of “perfection” may be what is stopping you from getting where you want to go. People don’t get anything done because they are waiting to get it perfect…whatever that means.”

You’ll hardly ever get it right on your first try. If you do, that’s amazing. But if you don’t, it’s completely fine. We're always striving to do better so you might as well start from where you are with what you have. 

It’s called experimenting. For me, it’s “a thing”. It’s the foundation I use to create.

And it also keeps me creative. 

Which, in my mind, should be the goal. 

To stay creative. 

To simply just get it done instead of making it perfect. 

If the pursuit of perfection has ever paralyzed you, I challenge you to simply focus on getting it done. That doesn’t mean slack on quality and be okay with average. That’s part of the challenge. But, believe in your power to figure it out and you’ll be surprised by what you’re able to do.

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Don't Give Up